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Our mission is to contribute to the nourishment of our community by offering healthy food choices. And to support others' farm ventures by encouraging community over competition.


Hi, we're the Francis family. Janelle was born and raised in Cape Coral, Fl and Jason was transplanted here as a kid. We got married in 2013, and had twin boys, Jack and Rhett, in 2015.


Janelle graduated from FGCU with a bachelor's in anthropology and started our hobby farm immediately afterwards. Jason is a full-time IT professional, but he works non-stop to support Janelle's farm dreams. We started off in 2017 with 2 fainting goats, some field crops, and 6 chickens. We now have a full egg operation with many happy chickens, a large outdoor garden, dairy goats, turkeys, bees, a pig, a donkey and of course our indoor microgreen set up.


Our goal was to be able to provide healthy food for our twin boys and to be able to share with neighbors. We are very excited that we are now able to expand our reach to the rest of Punta Gorda, and parts of Port Charlotte and Cape Coral.


Our farm is on 2.5 acres located in the Ranchettes in Punta Gorda. We grow a variety of field crops, as well as microgreens. We also raise bees, chickens, turkeys, and nigerian dwarf dairy goats.

Our Microgreens are meticulously grown indoors in a controlled environment. We only use organic methods for growing; this includes seeds, growing medium, fertilizer, and cleaning supplies. 

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